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^ .... or is it Chula's truck?

The Wow I Can't Believe That I'm not hearing about that News Story Thread:

Remember when all those intrepid journalists were reporting live from Puerto Rico? Safe to assume that the've all gone home, because I don't see anyone reporting updates on the situation there now.

If you're interested, This is from a Newsweek article dated 6 November:-

Nearly two months after the Category 4 Hurricane Maria barrelled into Puerto Rico, 60 percent of Puerto Ricans still don’t have power.

That number temporarily surged to 80 percent on Thursday morning, when a power line repaired by Whitefish Energy failed—wiping out power for millions of Puerto Ricans, reported BuzzFeed. Friday morning, the number appeared to have rebounded back to 60 percent without power, according to Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s status update.

Around one in five Puerto Ricans still don’t have water, according to PREPA. A lack of cell phone service plagues one in 10 and around 15 percent of gas stations are still closed.
Two months is an awful long time to have no electricity, but it's not a dramatic enough dilemma to catch media attention any longer. Bad luck, Puerto Rico.
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