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Originally Posted by Mondo Bungle View Post
these tracks at least have the possibility to be better than just good. Production takes away from it and makes it somewhat light and stale, and the tracks seem kinda underdeveloped but it's going for a cool thing musically. Alsmost sounds gothy but more twinkly like Siouxsie and the Banshees in the 90s. More laid back synthpop. It'd be hella choice with more impactful sound
Yeah I think that the sound of my stuff is the weakest link. If I could get someone to play it on instruments, that would really be what I would want. I sort of write everything I do, imagining it being played by a band. It's not really written to be electronic music, even though it's 100% tracked and not played on an actual instrument.

Sioxie... interesting comparison, although I haven't been listening to that band, but another 80's artist that did possibly influence this, is Judie Tzuke. I imagine some of her style bled into this.
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