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Your Song is Good

Spoiler for TUNES:

1. Cruise
2. New Dub
3. Mood Mood
4. Double Cider
5. Palm Tree
6. On
7. Waves

Instrumental jazzy funk dub and math rock band from Japan. I'm not even sure where I came across this but it was next on my saved list and Trollheart mentioning Stevenson Ranch Dividians reminded me that this journal is still technically a thing.

Not much to say on this album other than it sounds pretty nice. I don't think I'll be going back to it any time soon but I added two songs to playlists so I'm sure I'll hear them again. I think it's the dub aspect of their sound I find bland and boring but when they get into this funky jazz vibe like they do on the tracks "On" and "Double Cider" I can dig. They're very similar in that way to a band like Lotus which I think kind of masters this kind of sound. Dance-y funk but with enough doodling to be considered sort of mathy.

I'm not saving this though.

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