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Originally Posted by Ziggy ''Frappanised'' Zappada View Post
I was there you know

-cries knowing it was just a place that looked similar on uncharted 4
^ HaHa! Yes, that place that MicShazam found reminded me of a video game, or the cover of a Yes album.

Lake Baikal, on the other hand, doesn't look so fabulous; but it's statistics are impressive:

At 25 million years old, it's the oldest, deepest and biggest freshwater lake in the world, holding more water than all five Great Lakes put together.
My favourite detail about Lake Baikal: before the Trans-Siberian Railway was completely finished, in the winter they used to run the locomotive off the tracks at Lake Baikal and onto the ice. The ice was so thick, they could drag the entire train over to the other shore of the lake.
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