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Originally Posted by [MERIT] View Post
Can we all agree that you do not have the right to someone else's labor, against their will? Yes or no?
If you're in business, you're not working against your will during business hours for any paying customer abiding by any reasonable standards. Nobody's forcing you to operate a business that makes money, you can close down and get out of the business, or you can serve everybody. There's really no gray area when it comes to operating a business that's legitimate and in compliance with US regulations.

You're coming at it from a gender/sex rights POV and I'm coming from a basic civil liberties view.

I can bottom line this. THE BAKERY WAS WRONG FOR DENYING THE GAY COUPLE A WEDDING CAKE. But, it should be the bakery's right to make the call.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Gender and sex rights are basic human civil liberties. Now, in order to put these "human" liberties ahead of gender/persuasion liberties you have to either be naive and not realize the weight of your beliefs, or you have to be pretty damn ignorant. Considering you admittedly support discrimination over protections, it seems to be the latter.

If you're worried about tyranny, I can assure you that Hitler wasn't aided by protections of gays and jews, or checks and balances to businesses power to refuse service to said minority groups. Actually, if it's liberty you're after, the founders of this nation, while of varying backgrounds, agreed on checks and balances to power.

What if someone shoplifts from your store? Do you have the right to deny them entry henceforth?
Jesus Christ, do you honestly not understand the difference between banning someone from your store because they've stolen merchandise which costs you money and banning someone because they're black or gay? I call bull****.

Having gay sex is an action. The bakers don't condone it.
They don't have to condone it, and they don't have to run a business, but if they want to run a business they've gotta follow the rules. That should make a decent amount of sense, but for some reason I think it may be lost on you.
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