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everyones heard of explosions in the sky right?
well to me when 'I' listen one of Appleseeds instruments songs, both those bands sound a lot alike and no i'm not just saying it becase in some songs its just instruments only, its the way both bands play, and how every thing just flows. because of this i find explosions in the sky remind me of Appleseed cast, and when i went to listen to explosions in the sky.. all i wanted to do was turn on Appleseed cast.. there not as good (explosions in the sky i mean), plus the songs that have lyrics to them are actually rather good.. until explosions in the sky.. the few songs that there is singing/really bad accent talking is rather bad.. there the songs i'd much rather skip over.

the Appleseed cast to me is a band that i can't seem to get sick of. I've been listening to the Low Level Owl albums like mad these past three months and i think there amazing. I got into other great bands more and more throughout the months but they don't stick to me like this band does. To me Appleseed Cast truely make great music.
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