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Violent J - Wizard of the Hood Submitted by some miserable c*nt

This is f*cking awful. The beat sounds like it was created by a special needs child's spasms. I'm glad this guy actually did the research and watched the movie.

Who'd they get to play the tuba in the second track? I ask because it's probably going to be the only musician present on this album and I want to give proper credit.

These midgets are really happy that the wicked b*tch is dead. I bet Violent J came up with the idea of this album by happening to come across TCM while trying to find Jerry Springer and saw The Wizard of Oz and just asked "Whose this wicked b*tch they just killed?" Then, BAM, album is born.

These guys probably smoke the raunchiest sh*ttiest weed ever.

I think ICP's whole deal and lifestyle was that they realized they were so trashy but were too lazy to change their sh*tty lives so they just went with it. The fact that they make more money than most of us is a crime.

Oh, yeah, this is an album review. Surprise, it still sucks. I'm halfway through. Every beat on this thing is so amateur I'm shocked. You would think they'd actually learn how to make a beat after all these years but that would require a capacity to learn.

Also, most of these songs sound the same.

I skipped through some of these songs. I'll admit that.

I can't review this album without being concerned for the unattended baby that's lying down on the kitchen table of 50% of the people who love this album waiting for the parents to stop smoking awful weed in the living room and change the damn diaper for the first time in four days because their welfare check came in and they had enough money to put a gallon of gas in their 1982 ford ranger to go down to the store and steal some diapers.

I bet fans think The Wizard's Palace is the best song on this album because it has the best flow and beat out of all this trash...but don't get me wrong, it's still trash.

Somebody is actually playing the piano on Axes Swingin'? Sounds like they watched a bunch of Goosebumps episodes and tried to duplicate the theme song.

I ended the last song early because I'm afraid my neighbors will call the cops on me for trying to bring down the property value of my neighborhood.


There you go Bats. Go f*ck yourself.

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