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Originally Posted by [MERIT] View Post
This is incredible. The governmemnt rapes you. And now you have been brainwashed to the point that you actually DEFEND the rapist! Because you're too scared. You're psyche cannot withstand the cognitive dissonance.

I'm trying to HELP you guys! You don't understand how the world works.
Do you really think that your tactics are convincing anybody? Because from where I'm sitting, you're just as mindlessly defending the rejectionist stance as some people do with the ufffichull story. If your stance does in fact have value, then you can defend it without getting pissy when someone treats it with skepticism. If the official story is really so insanely impossible, write up a home run on why it's bull**** and we'll discuss the minutae of it to see how factual it really is instead of emptily parroting the cliched theories that I'm sure that most people are already well aware of by now. When people respond to your points, respond to theirs and actually try to disprove them logically instead of making immature and masturbatory comments when people don't instantly adopt your stances like sheep. So make your case like an adult if you really have something of value to bring to the table, because you genuinely come off like you're approaching the situation emotionally and have become blinded to the validity of the theory that you've decided is true. Put yourself in our shoes and think about how you'd view a person who defends the official story in the same way that you dismiss it. For example, if someone said, "it couldn't have been a missile, it had to be a plane. Are you blind?" would that person seem like someone whose goal is the truth or would it sound more like they're protecting a threat to their paradigm? Definitely the latter imo.

And for ****s sake don't link us to your ****ty website either, nobody's reading it. Though I'm sure that you'll ignore me and continue to suck yourself off for being able to be so uncritical about your own stances.

Anyway the scariest thing I've seen was when I woke up to a screaming tweaker trying to get into my tent.
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