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Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
Global warmingís most dramatic impact is on the arctic. The arctic is routinely having the warmest winters on record causing a shift in jet stream patterns breaking something called the polar vortex that used to hold that coldness in place up there. Now that itís broken North American and Europe have been getting smashed with an onslaught of one crazy blizzard after another. Power bills have been skyrocketing all up and down the American east coast (even into Florida). Of course, populations burning more fuel to stay warm is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. Plus, thereís ****tons of carbon locked under the melting arctic.

Meanwhile it doesnít look like Puerto Rico will return to full electricity and running water before the next hurricane season. And if Puerto Rico is barely making the news anymore imagine how ****ed they are in Haiti and Cuba. Weíre better off than they are but Floridians and residents of the Gulf Coast simply canít afford yearly hurricane evacuations that are starting to feel like clockwork.

Source- OccultNewsNetwork
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Why donít you do something that really helps like sending a teddy bear with a heart on it?

Meanwhile Iíll keep posting messages.
**** that: get reporters and choppers out there! Why do you think ONN was voted the best overall news network in America? Prove it.
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