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I don't know much about modern electronica, so I can't tell how off-topic this thread has gone, although there are clearly a lot of recs that aren't electrónica.

Back in the day, Tangerine Dream came up with some excellent pieces of electronica, although, like many artists in the early days of electronica, they perhaps indulged in too many long drawn out, slow-paced ambient pieces that relied on a lot of cosmic whooshing. These two tracks, on the other hand, show what T Dream were capable of when the took their gloves off:-


Something surprising that I learned from MB years ago was this: T Dream have recorded about 100 albums, and jackhammer has almost all of them. I'm not going to listen to 100 albums anytime soon, so if anybody would care to direct me to some other no-nonsense, pull-out-all-the-stops Tangerine Dream rockers like the above, I'd be v grateful.
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