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Ah hell, let's try to get this going again. I think using YouTube videos (spoilered) is the way to go from now on. It doesn't matter if everyone hates the artist you're presenting a beginner's guide to, **** the haters. Do what you like. Let's cap it at ten videos per artist, and only do the artist once if possible. Genres/subgenres can be done too, but ideally just one artist.

Here's Asia, for anyone who cares.

Spoiler for Heat of the Moment (Asia):

Spoiler for "Only Time Will Tell" (Asia):

Spoiler for "Rock and Roll Dreams" (Astra):

Spoiler for "Kings of the Day" (Aura):

Spoiler for "The Day Before the War" (Arena):

Spoiler for "Gone Too Far" (Silent Nation):

Spoiler for "The Voice of Reason" (Aqua):

Spoiler for "Orchard of Mines" (Phoenix):

Spoiler for "The Heat Goes On" (Alpha):

Spoiler for "Voice of America" (Astra):

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