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I don’t know much about birds but I love them.

I tried to teach myself a little ornithology but to no avail. I’m within quick reach of the woods with a lot of pine, oak, and other trees like maple and magnolia and the woods have birds like blue jays and cardinals and if you go deeper woodpeckers and huge osprey. People say there’s bald eagles but I’ve never seen one.

There’s also swamps nearby and the birds are much easier to hear than see. Herons hang out in the open seemingly unafraid.

Then the beach has what you would expect. Pelicans are the craziest looking birds in my opinion. Herons also march up and down the beach. Sea gulls get a bad rap. It’s bad ass watching those things fish.

But yeah there’s a nice selection of birds where I live. I love to hear birds sing and I like composers who study bird songs.

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