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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
You mean there simply aren't any psychologists or psychiatrists in your area or you have have bank for anyone to care?
Bank, of course - but really the distinction between a licensed therapist with a masters and a PhD in psychology is negligible to me. I needed and still need MEDICAL treatment like most any other health concern. Mental disorders, of course, are entirely chemical phenomena but people who supposedly treat it have no understanding of neuroscience. You might as well just pray.

I just know that there are resources out here that will get you counseling or a therapist with out having to be suicidal.
Most mental health clinics here donít employ an MD of any sort and certainly not a psychiatrist. I take pills so it seems to me I should be able to at least meet with a psychiatrist at least once. The way mental health care is compared to how it should be is shameful.
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