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Dear Negative Nelly,

Unfortunately trying to improve the environment is all to often like trying to cover yourself up with a swimsuit that's too small: you can pull it across to remedy the situation in one place, but then you're exposed again somewhere else.

Not exactly in the area of stopping droughts, there is some cause for hope about water management. There are a couple of developments in the science of irrigation in which it seems that for once, we might be able to get something for nothing, or to be more accurate, the same crop yields for less water:

i) AWD or Alternate Wetting and Drying:

ii) CAPRI or Controlled Alternate Partial Root-Zone Irrigation:

I hope this information will help to restore some degree of optimism at least,

Best wishes,
Harry Hopeful
Did you ever hear of having more than you wanted? So that you couldn’t want anything else and then started looking for something else to want? It seems like we’re always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it. - Susan Eloise Hinton, 1967
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