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This Trump vs. Cohen thing is heating up very quickly. Imagine you have a long time lawyer and "fixer" who ends up on the hot seat and decides he's not going to take a fall for his ex-client. The **** Cohen must know and can testify to....

Trump's already trying to spin that Cohen taping him was illegal.

Not according to the America Bar Association:

The American Bar Associationís Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility recently reversed long-standing precedent and held that lawyers may ethically tape their conversations, with some caveats. ABA Formal Opinion 01-422, issued with little fanfare on the eve of the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago in early August, held that the Model Rules do not proscribe a lawyer from taping his own conversations, provided the taping is not illegal in the relevant jurisdictions and the lawyer does not lie about whether the conversation is being taped, if asked about it.
Checked and it's completely legal in New York, where I assume the taping took place.
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