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Originally Posted by JGuy Grungeman View Post
How does a band with such a great album produce such lower quality albums after that?
I write the lack of success off to the chemistry issue. Like many bands out there, once a key member is gone, they never really re-create that same sound and chemistry again. Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven all fell into place so well. They captured the attitude, aesthetic and exact moment of rock at that moment.

As far as low quality releases, I'd say some of their stuff might not have lived up to what we all wanted or expected from GnR but I wouldn't call them low quality really.

I personally liked Lies, that had the grit and energy of Appetite too me. Of course it wasn't an official full length recording. If you're talking about production and sound, it was top quality.

Use Your Illusion I&II - While it was definitely NOT Appetite, I wouldn't call it a total failure. Def a different vibe than everyone was expecting.. Having said that, it was still better than a lot of things coming out at that time.

I feel like it was GnR's attempt to do a super album really highlighting a step toward higher production quality, multiple layers of effects and instrumentalism.

Chinese Democracy - I didn't even listen to it, because it was not GnR IMO.
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