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Originally Posted by Kiiii View Post
Nothing wrong with that. Hell, I don't see any of your posts in here as acting like you're some for of elitist or w/e. I could list off many games that I don't like. It seems like you prefer older games as opposed to more up to date games. Maybe that's just my assumption. Again, nothing wrong with that. I'm just the complete opposite.

Plus, not ALL AAA games are like that, but I will admit that a lot of them are pretty crappy. Lots of exceptions tho.

I also do somewhat agree on what you say about critical consensus but if a lot of people like a game and I don't, I do try the game again or I will to play it later. Hell, I didn't play Witcher 3 until several years after its release.
I've liked a few AAA games on the 360, but can't think of one that I loved.
Velvet Assassin is the only one that I still have for my 360, if that one even qualifies. The rest are various arcade games and more obscure stuff like the Armored Core games, Tenchu Z. Oh and I forgot Dragon's Dogma. That one is good.

Originally Posted by 66Sexy View Post
It's not even just that it starts slow -- I'm used to that with RPGs -- it's that the story feels like the writing of a hack who desperately wants to make Game of Thrones but all he can do is shallow, grim 'n' gritty nonsense. And while I haven't really explored the combat as I've never gotten more than a couple of hours into the game, it feels at least mildly tedious. And that's not even talking about the ****ty characters: **** Geralt and his macho, wish fulfillment, emotionless voice, corny-haired, stupid-eyed, generic ****hole of a toilet accident characterization.
I only tried to give Witcher 2 a shot one evening, but my experience of it was much the same. One moment made me laugh out loud with how hard the dialogue tried to be "dark" and "mature". Sadly can't remember what it was.
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