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Default Novaya Scena?

Saw Zhanteimi posting in "listenin now"-thread the Svitlana Nianio "Kytytsi" album, and thought I'd want to discuss it. I really played that album to bits a few years back, really fell in love with it! And now I found this thread here and became dissapointed that no one seems to have mentioned any of these 90's "Novaya scena" acts of the Ukrainian underground. There are really some great stuff in there, with Kytytsi being the absolute best imo (recently re-released on polish KOKA Records). Kazma-Kazma and Yarn are two other acts that I put much liking in, and also Cukor Bila Smert (which involved Svitlana Nianio).
So what do you guys think of the scene? Anyone into it?
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