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Here are a couple things that may help dwv.

To me, the combat in PoE doesn't feel as satisfying as it does in D3. I understand that you can get pretty OP in PoE but that seems boring as ****. I've seen people just be able to slice through groups of enemies like paper. D3 however I felt like I was pretty much always on level with the enemies. Sometimes that isn't true but I never felt too OP in D3. Tho the Necromancer is a bit OP.

I've already mentioned the quick bar, but the layout of the quick bar and etc feels dated. D3 at least feels modern and easier to use in terms of quick acess abilities. Like I said, feels more like an RPG.

The currency in PoE makes absolutely no sense. I never understood it and I don't feel like I'll learn it as quick as I need to. Not a good sign.

I've also tried playing PoE with other people and it was not nearly as fun as D3.

Level design is fine in PoE but something about crawling through dungeons etc just felt way more satisfying in D3. Again, all my own personal experience.

Lastly, tho I haven't seen near end game content for PoE, when I was done with D3, it felt complete. It's great that PoE stays consistently updated but that's only great for hardcore players and players that wanna spend a ton of time playing the game. I play other games too and being able to just play through D3 and be done is nice.

POE does focus more on content for players that love the game to death. D3 does it simply and gives a game that is fun to play and allows you to move on to other games. Hence why casual players enjo it more. Not all obviously. But some do. But I also know you love lots of content so that's more my own gripe. Nothing wrong with spending countless hours on an RPG. I've done it many times. I just don't have the time or patience. Plus, I'm playing Horizon so I don't need another one for a while.

Having played both, there's enough differences between them that I don't think it's fair to compare them. But you wanted comparisons so there ya go.
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