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Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post

Both these links are to the same thing

Lester Bangs beautiful obituary Peter Laughner is Dead
"It's gonna hafta be Valium and grass from here on out," he said. "****, you gotta have something'."

Oh holy ****. I don't touch opiates so that helps but whenever I think about quitting booze I can't help but wonder what the **** I'm gonna do sober. Booze isn't the cureall but it's certainly the cureall to being bored tonight. I can't even quit cigs cause if I'm not drinking then I wouldn't have anything to break up the monotony of sobriety. At least I'd have once every hour or so to go outside and light up a ***. Without any of that... **** that. Now I wish I had opiates to destroy my life so that at least I'd have a predictable end to this boring ****. All I gotta do is keep popping pills and sooner or later I won't be here to be bored.
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To evaluate my character my immediate pleasure is being pitted against my future greed!
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The Batlord is amazing man. He loves some fine woman and he gets horny easily. What is better than that.
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