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Originally Posted by Paedantic Basterd View Post
Going back to the Kavanaugh stuff, I don't know how many of you watched the actual testimony versus reading about it afterwards, but it was definitely one of the most surreal news events I've watched in my time. There was literally this moment where he was asked a direct question and went off on some sort of tangent about flatulence and eating ketchup on spaghetti, and he didn't even clear up whether he DOES eat ketchup on his spaghetti, or whether he merely objects to the practice. And that's not even wild compared to how he's being handled politically. I feel like I'm in a deteriorating timeline that was never supposed to be.

I watched his whole show on youtube

Dude is a weird-o on the real. It’s like he’s never been ****ed with and he literally can’t believe what’s happening. ****er was tearing up over everything and saying the weirdest ****. He’d get ****ing destroyed in any working class hard labor setting. The FBI might end up extending his investigation, too. KGB his rich spoiled ass. Harvard already fired him just in case he doesn’t get on. Just that stupid look on his face makes you want to bring a sledgehammer down on his skull.

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