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Originally Posted by Paedantic Basterd View Post
Yeah, there's this meta-wildness where he's a JUDGE who went to LAW SCHOOL and is in an INTERVIEW for the SUPREME COURT. Whether or not he committed a crime, his evasiveness and verifiable untruths are more than enough to disqualify him. I just can't believe that it's even still a conversation after that insane display of immaturity.
The GOP led Senate will vote him in unless something big comes out of the FBI stuff. They NEED him on the court badly if they hope to retain control of both the House and Senate in November. They want all of the GOP folks running to be able to campaign on a stacked Conservative Supreme Court - something the GOP has wanted badly for decades. Why?

- Roe v Wade might get repealed.
- Teaching creationism might be allowed back into schools.
- Campaign finance reform won't stand a chance in hell.
- Same goes for any further gun legislation.
- A woman's right to her own body will suffer.
- Consenting adult's rights to privacy within their own homes will suffer.
- Executive privilege will be expanded. Trump pardons Trump might just happen!

The big one is R v W though. Red meat conservatives have been aiming at this ever since abortions became legal.
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