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What happened when you quit abruptly and how long were you on it?
Around a year or so. Iím afraid antidepressants interfere with my art appreciation

What happened was the symptoms that were corrected started and continues to resurface.

At the worst it was near constant ocd like negative dark thoughts

Constant suicide ideation -

itís painful to recall but like during a bath I would imagine how my corpse would look if I slit my wrists

driving - this vehicle would be a suitable place to shoot myself / easy clean up - just junk the car

like that all the time for considerable stretches - months

other times - horrific things running through my mind - lots of it having to do with ways my dog could get hurt or die which hurts me emotionally more than anything

Prozac made it so bad thoughts became just passing not chronic obsessive like

But I quit and Iím only depressed maybe like two days out of ten or so

Before it was years - I mean on those tests the dr gives you: Have you ever been sad for two weeks without reprieve?

I couldnít believe that was considered depression. I went without reprieve from sorrow for years.
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