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Originally Posted by DwnWthVwls View Post
I've shared my ideas before, but heres more:

-Nature stuff/Frog and the Scorpion fable (thigh piece or worked into a full nature sleeve)
-The most beautiful suicide BNW photo (side)
-zen circle (foot)
-some sort of war scene with people troops parachuting in on nooses (black and red, trash polka style)
-something exploding into birds
-geometric, Escher, and Dali inspired work
-Dark fairy tale stuff

-Imagery from Florence and the Machine: sacrificing a lamb to the sun, a woman wearing a wolf mask, storms/saints, symbols for strangeness and charms quarks, "i cant help but pull the earth around me, to make my bed", virginia woolf walking into the river, and seven devils (Sleeve - still tossing around ideas)

-Imagery from Hallelujah:

-None Shall Pass heart from Aesop Rock (chest piece, duh)

-A few Sage Francis quotes I tossed around:

"I dont have a god complex, you got a simple god"
"I'm not love sick, your sick idea of love would kill me"
Also, maybe an anchor somewhere on my skull for "but you dropped anchor in a place where dreams go to die"

-Kendra Morris songs:
Banshee - Imagery of the following lyrics

Epilogue - more imagery

-Laura Marling Captain and The Hourglass:
portrait of an old captain mixed with an hour glass near its end (some sort of transparent style overlay of the two)

I have zero tattoos but think about this a lot. I dont have the money right now, who knows if ill ever get them, but the thought of it is nice. I'll just keep adding to my list of music with sweet imagery.

Definitely NO Japanese, maybe some traditional cause its kinda growing on me

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