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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
It's more because of all of the trolling you do.
I only troll you brah

Have you tried improving the forum by increasing the amount of positive interactions that you have here?
You're absolutely kidding, right? 99% of the interaction you have on this forum are arguments. You must realize that right? :unsure: If anyone here has successfully built up a reputation of being obnoxious, that would be you. And again, that's perfectly fine for me, we all roll in a different way and I certainly won't claim I'm not guilty of the same, occasionally, but I'm also not a mod. :/

Originally Posted by DwnWthVwls View Post
No youre obnoxious because the way you do it always comes off condescending and sometimes you just want things changed because you dont like them regardless of how he rest of the community feels about it.
I come off as condescending because a lot of the times it has to be explained to some of you people what bad behavior is since you behave like obnoxious little children unaware of what their actions result in.

And yeah, if the majority of the community behaves like obnoxious bros, I'm still gonna call out that behavior, sorry. No one here has ever successfully defended my criticisms, what the argument boils down to is "we are who we are, we're not gonna change and if you don't like it find a better place", which I obviously don't find acceptable.
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