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Originally Posted by Exo View Post
I actually kind of agree with you. Maybe it'll happen one day. I at least hope for some actual discretion and not just blind party loyalty.
Our government and society will never be great until we reform the monetary system.

I know that I harp on this all the time, but no one listens or pays attention, so I'm gonna keep doing it.

Say that a country wants to put $1 BILLION into circulation. Well, they decided to let a privately owned, non-government institution print that $1 BILLION. Does that privately-owned, non-government institution just give the money to the country? NO! They lend it to them, at interest, say 5% [or any arbitrary number].

So, there is now $1 BILLION in circulation, but that country is now in debt, owing $1,050,000,000.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for that country to pay the money back, because that amount of money doesn't exist!

How is this beneficial to a nation?

Prove me wrong.
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