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I have a four-way tie right now and can't decide.

Contender #1 (full)

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik - Hugsjá
(Norway, dark folk / Nordic folk)

Like Wardruna, obviously, but with guitars, thus keeping us grounded in our reality even as we take to viking ship back to the nights of savage Europe.

Contender #2 (sample)

Koenji Hyakkei - Dhorimviskha
(Japan, zeuhl / jazz fusion / brutal prog)

Though still brutal in spots, it seems like Tatsuya Yoshida has replaced some of his youthful frantic songwriting with more jazz fusion elements, which suits me just fine. It's been 13 years since their last release, and I like the progression I am hearing.

Contender #3 (full)

공중도둑 [Mid-Air Thief] - 무너지기
(South Korea, folktronica / neo-Psychedelia / psychedelic pop)

Not only touches of Animal Collective but a strong Kishi Bashi feel in parts, too. And of course there's a strong Hundred Waters element present, but what I love about this album is the fact that something that's not **** K-Pop has come out of South Korea. What a relief!

Contender #4 (sample)

Mutual Benefit - Thunder Follows the Light
(USA, indie folk / chamber folk)

I've had a rough year, so this wholesome album really helps.
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