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Honourable Mention Number Fifteen

Group Doueh & Cheveu - Dakhla Sahara Session

Genre bending French rock trio Cheveu collaborate with Saharawi legends Group Doueh. An unlikely combination, but still one that works really well. Neither group really bends toward the other, choosing instead to trade off as the focus of the song. Excellent frilly tishoumaren guitars, hypnotic rhythm section, awesome jams, gruff French vocals, (far better) Sarahan vocals, neat synths. The product is a really fun and fresh tishoumaren (African desert blues) record with post-punk and krautrock influences that absolutely shits on Tinariwen's or Mdou Moctar's 2017 redundant releases (old stuff is still solid though). These are great songs, I don't have much else to say about the record.

Great album!
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