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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
So refugees have it easy. Therefore Mexico should jump at the chance to offer them something. And I should think so because something something something people threw rocks. Sounds totally logical.
The asylum laws ARE easy. That doesn't mean being a refugee is. All it means is that if you wanted to say you were one, you'd be able to make use of them because the criteria allows you to do so. Which is why they need to change or become more structured so that there's more accountability (both for the government and for people coming in while others are still waiting 5+ years in line).

If they didn't need to change, you wouldn't have multiple U.S. administrations using tear gas all across the border to deter people who may or may not actually be claiming asylum. Trump is continuing something that has existed long before either of us were around.

What the U.S. needs is much better procedures in place to deal with and process asylum seekers. But if hundreds of people are all pushing and trying to force themselves in, chaos is the only result you are going to get.
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You can't blame the Jews for everything...just most things.
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Trump might be the best thing since free jazz.

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