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Originally Posted by windsock View Post
I was speaking primarily from interactions between other members and not mine personally, but I know you can't resist taking a jab at me so you do you I guess.

I still find it interesting how you call my opinions halfbaked despite you rarely engaging in the "arguments" I involve myself in. It's almost like you don't actually care about the substance of my positions and just want to jeer at me because you see me as your opposition. Seems pretty shallow-minded tbh.

I'll defend my positions as much as the next guy. I don't see you aiming the same criticism towards Frownland who will equally seize the opportunity to defend himself "to the death" as you call it.
No offense to elph, but you're 100% on with this. He rarely participates and just adds snide remarks kind of like a hype man while other's do the dirty work. The most he does is just tell you how dumb you are for not believing what he believes.

I wouldn't say I support men's rights because the people involved in the movement are retarded, but I do support people's rights. Men do often happen to face an oppressive culture that holds us to disgusting standards. Feminists call it 'toxic masculinity". I do think there is a problem with the way we treat fathers too. I'm not going to pretend men are any where near as oppressed as women, but there are some ****ty deals that get dealt to them. I'm not for pretending it doesn't happen because people are too simple minded to handle that you can fight for liberating women from the systematic oppression and culture of misogyny that has plagued us through out human history AND ending the few problems men have to deal with.
Lucem, you're right, it's silly to talk about what I would or wouldn't do IRL. Glad you brought it up. Maybe you should write an instrumental about it. I recommend a piano paired with a clarinet. With ambient sounds of you hanging from your shower curtain you ****ing failure.

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