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Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
a lot of us have mental issues

Chula came on here with a mentality of being superior to others (with a hint of feel bad for me)

nothing personal on my part, I liked the guy, but don't really feel sorry for him
Not everybody is bipolar though. It can literally make you as delusional as a schizophrenic with the only difference being bipolar people don't hallucinate.

That's probably why you don't see it that way, you don't actually understand what it's like to be bipolar. Exo has more insight that's why he banned him for half a year. Not because his behavior was out of line, but because he knew he wasn't stable enough to conduct himself like an adult.

It's not even about feeling sorry for him. It's just the literal fact that they took advantage of his mental illness for entertainment value. They do that **** anytime somebody says something that rubs them the wrong way.
Lucem, you're right, it's silly to talk about what I would or wouldn't do IRL. Glad you brought it up. Maybe you should write an instrumental about it. I recommend a piano paired with a clarinet. With ambient sounds of you hanging from your shower curtain you ****ing failure.

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