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Congrats on making quite an unexpected choice, Karengirl! I don't know much about Spooky Tooth, but I always liked the name.

You can tell it's the holidays because, absent a poll for this thread, I've tallied up the votes so far, or I should say, the mentions. Here they in points order (one point per mention):-

9 points: Beatles, Stones
8 points: Who
6 points: Kinks
3 points: Yardbirds
2 points: Cream, Dave Clark, Hollies, Shadows, Spooky Tooth, Zombies
1 point: Animals, Big Jim Sulivan, Herman's H, Led Zep, Manfred Mann, Moody Bs, Pink Floyd, Traffic

As in many races, there's also the ignominious category of "Also Ran". In this case, the also rans were actually running in the wrong race:

Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Doors, Hendrix, Gary Lewis plus Playboys

( Of course, in a thread like this, one mention can often generate another, like the way Oriphiel supports Karengirl's rec. That still counts as a point, although it may or may not be Oriphiel's first choice of Best British Band. )
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