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Honourable Mention Number Sixteen

Krallice - Go Be Forgotten

Pummeling, atmospheric, chaotic and experimental black metal. The whole record is an absolute onslaught of incredible riffs from a very tight unit. Lev Weinstein's drums on this record are off the hook and the vocals have a great sense of mourning. It goes without saying how incredible Mick Barr, Nicholas McMaster, and Colin Marston's guitarwork is on this record as they blast through densely layered passages that rival artists like Deathspell Omega. The dizzying and winding journeys that are Failed Visionary Cults and Ground Prayer could be Krallice's best tracks. Many parts of the album manage to create a kind of ethereal chaos with their dense melodies that are easy to get lost in as they hop from concept to concept in a way that's disorienting yet still very fluid. The title track has Colin Marston on synths where the band delves into some more straightforward lo-fi ideas throughout the track before closing out on some emphatic crescendos and atmospheric drones. The synths from the title track come back on the cinematic dark ambient explorations on Quadripartite Mirror Realm. Somewhat simmers out on the last track since it's somewhat underdeveloped in comparison to the rest of the record, but overall this shit is fantastic. Music to listen to in the dark while you're baked as fuck.

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