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1. been to any good concerts lately?

Haven't been to a concert in years unfortunately.

2. do your ears sometimes hurt nowadays? [mine are beginning to do]
have you considered using earplugs?

Surprisingly no after years of loud garbage played far too loud.

3. what are your 3 favorite 2018 albums? what record was the most dissapointing?

Don't keep up with current music.

4. do you liked the last spiritualized album? you think he kinda repeats himself? or is this exactly the point?

Haven't heard it. Only heard that one album you know the one.

5.what about the beak> album?


6. would you pay to see iggy pop live now(this summer actually) in his 70's? do you think its true he wont make another album?

No other way I'll ever get to see him so hell yeah.

7. why you think hiphop dominates nowadays? do you think it dominates? has it gotten better? [i think not] has it more to do with clothes and lifestyle in general than with music? [youknow teenagers wearing hoodies and all that]

It serves well as pop music that can appeal across gender and racial lines. Yeah I guess it dominates, definitely in influence. It was never bad but time has introduced ever greater diversity so it's at its most interesting. I guess people looking for a ready made identity might be more about the clothes but other than that nah.

8. whats your favorite tom waits album?

I like Tom Waits but don't listen to him enough to have a proper opinion of him or a favorite album.

9. do you consider reggae to be a fully legit kind of music, or kinda 'inferior'? [if the answer is inferior may you burn in hell.

Why would it be inferior? I don't much care for a lot of what I've heard but I haven't heard much so I'm not gonna **** on it beyond saying it hasn't grabbed me yet.

10. how do you listen to music? i mean spotify, mp3+winamp in a computer [its what i mostly do] or you play records or just youtube all day long or what?

I like to have a vast, ever-growing library of digital music where I don't have to worry about buffering. I'm too broke to really collect physical music on any grand scale like I do with downloading.

11. do you listen to the actual radio or some kind of internet radio or podcast or whatever?

Nah. I only use the radio for NPR on occasion or to fall asleep to Coast-to-Coast AM.

12. name 3 musical sites you like to visit.

RYM for new music, blogs in general for downloads, and Bandcamp to check newer stuff.

13. do you spend some money in music-related stuff? how? how many?

Not nearly as much as I used to. The very occasional album but I'll throw a bit of money down at Bandcamp.

14. does your profession or studies or something that has to do with your 'main occupation' lets call it has to do something with music?

lol nah

15. do you actively play an instrument? in a band or orchestra or in a quartet or smth?


16. do you like beeing asked questions? about almost any subject? why? do es it make you feel important?

I like talking about myself, yes.

17. you sometimes sing when you take a bath? when you dont?

I love whistling and sing under my breath at work to pass the time.

18. do you read actual muzic magazines or fanzines sometimes?

Nah. Used to read Metal Hammer but there's not much to interest me there now that my tastes have become super duper hella sophisticated yo.

19. will it kinda bother you if i dont put a question number 20 and leave it at 19? are you 100% sure?

... A bit.
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