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Originally Posted by Zhanteimi View Post
Blech. It's lame.
^ That's often how "exotic" turns out to be when you get up close to it.

Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
Thanks for the kind words Lis

and yeah I let my body odor fly - whatevs - I like when people smell like people not perfumes and detergents

I’m a hippycore jazz punk

I’ve always tended to exclude myself from groups and then wonder why I’m never in with the crowd

Groups are hard, aren’t they?
^ Yore welx, OH. I'm surprised you make a stand about body smells when with so little effort you could become more accepted. On a different note, given what you've said about US teaching, do you ever regret not staying in Japan? By now you could be the leader of your own cult - somewhere between Zhanteime, Mr. Kurtz and that crazy guy upstream in Apocalypse Now.

@ Zhanteime: You've done well for yourself, then. I particularly like that little wedding job: nice touch. May I ask if your children have dual nationality? Mainly, I feel that it's something really cool to give your children, but sometimes I wake up and worry in the middle of the night: are they forever condemned to being divided? All the time they're in one country, won't they wonder about being in another?
"Am I enjoying this moment? I know of it and perhaps that is enough." - Sybille Bedford, 1953
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