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Originally Posted by Akyho View Post
Years ago I was really blind to "funk" I didn't have THE "funk" I was 17 trying to find my way loved DEVO and such.

So when I turned 18 I hung out with college friends in the pub more and one night Jim Beam held a promotional thing, buy like 8 Jim Beam things and you get a mp3 speaker was cheap terrible but some of us got it.

So this guy I knew a little friends with my other friends, he is playing this weird melodic enticing sound (not funky at all) and telling how the guy is playing two saxophones at once and more facts I forgot. I wanted to know the band he told me and....I forgot.

Saw him in the pub and asked him.....I forgot again. THIS TIME he taps me on the shoulder and drops a burned CD on my lap and says "Here, it has that band you keep asking me about with more stuff I think you might like." said thanks and got home after college put it in my computer got the folder "Tunes for the dude" thought "awesome....."

Played it and listened instantly loving the band, then checked out the other stuff....the first one was this very funky song...that blew my mind at the time.

Victor Wooten- U Cant Hold No Groove, the original band I was listening to was Bella Fleck and the Flecktones with Wooten and his brother in it.

Every since then I have been an admirer of Funk and Bootsy Collins - I'd rather be with you as a top fave in FUUUUUUNNNNK!

So whats everyone else's FUUUUNNNNKKIEST tunes?
you're my first response in this forum. wanna hear some funk before it was popular...check out "thank you for letting me be myself(AFRICA)". by Sly and the family stone. Make sure u do the Africa version not the original
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