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Originally Posted by Mo Bounce View Post
Yeah, it's a great band. I don't know which one is my fave album, if Bleed Like Me or Beautiful Garbage.

But this is probably my favorite song.
^ That track's ok, but I think OH chose a song that's more instantly likeable tbh.

Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
I know how much you love it when I make superficial comparisons, but sometimes I really don't have anything profound to say. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Shirley Manson and Saffron are practically wearing the same dress! I know what you're going to say: Safron's dress is red while Shirley's dress is more like magenta. Luscious Jackson also sings about rain.
^ HaHa! Your posts often have something unexpected about them, so I'm always curious to read them, Neapolitan.
On the matter of the dress, isn't it of such simple design that many women across the world have one in their wardrobe? I can imagine Jackie Kennedy, Sandie Shaw or Blondie all wearing something similar too.
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And here we are at the last official song for this thread:-

Song #9: Yo La Tengo - Tom Courtenay (1995)

^ Well, I know that WWWP likes this band, but I'm not hearing much of interest on this track, even though OH has selected "one of the most perfectly realized pop tunes in their repertoire" (AllMusic review).
More than the music, I'm curious about the Spanish band name and the fact that this song is about a Brit actor best know for his part in movies made in the sixties.

^ Julie Christie and Tom Courteney in Billy Liar, made at a time when the Brit film industry was going through a minor renaissance with a handful of movies that had in common a kind of low-key down-to-earth realism. In retrospect, it was a commendable movement that took a serious look at adult life and its problems: from memory, other movies of the genre were Cathy Come Home, Room At The Top and This Sporting Life. But why are Yo La Tengo singing about actors from back then, I wonder ?
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