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Intro: Gentlemen and ladies, welcome to the funk party / All types of expressions are allowed / And greatly encouraged / We want nothing more than complete satisfaction / During your time with us / LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Verse 1: Reject control / Don't keep your mouth shut / Don't do as you're told / The people will be unsatisfied and restless / They'll cry out for a solution to change their status / Beholden to ancient ways is not the way for them to be / They need fresh air to eliminate the toxicity they've inhaled / With clear lungs and a new outlook / The present will be bright and clear

Verse 2: Unified against the strongest tide / Waves come crashing in / We won't drown out / When the storms are unrelenting / The bonds we've built will serve us well / When the climate is fierce and harsh / We'll hold onto each others hands and feet / We won't get bogged down with disasters and distractions / Our minds are untaintable

Bridge 1: Funk! Crunk! Swirl! / Don't clop the blue drop / Swim in the rainbow / Dance in the rainbow / Touch the rainbow / Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 2: Funk! Crunk! Swirl! / Rocking without dropping / Dream in the rainbow / Listen to the rainbow / Taste the rainbow / Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 3: Funk! Crunk! Swirl! / Rising without fighting / Fly with the rainbow / Marvel at the rainbow / Memorize the rainbow / Multiply the rainbow

Bridge 4: Funk! Crunk! Swirl! / Ruling without destroying / Uplift the rainbow / Feed the rainbow / Protect the rainbow / Multiply the rainbow

Chorus: We are here / We are everywhere / Got things to do / Never bored or idle / We are young / We are bold and tenacious / Always using and perfecting our senses / As public enemies with colorful attitudes / Things are rarely easy / Or as cool as ice / That won't hinder us / Never complacent or scared

Written by B. (Sunday, August 14, 2016) Copyright 2016
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