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Believe In Yourself

Verse 1: If you're faced with a problem, don't panic / try to stay calm / fear will cause you to run away / and you'll never know how to be brave / when you're given the opportunity to be challenged / do not sigh, it's a moment to smile / believe in yourself

Verse 2: On the path of life, there's many obstacles / to make them vanish, overcome them / you might think it's easier said than done / but you will never know unless you try / and if you're afraid of failing / scare that fear away / no human being will ever be flawless / believe in yourself

Verse 3: So what if you're not popular / you don't have to stand out from a crowd / knowing yourself is far more important than being known by others / don't be shy to stand up for what you believe in / given the chance, you can make a difference

Bridge: Believe in yourself / the way that I believe in you

Chorus: Believe in yourself / believe in yourself the way that I believe in you / from time to time, we become afraid / we may develop insecurities / but we need to open our minds to a world filled with possibilities / there is always something that you can do / believe in yourself and your wishes may come true

Written by B. (Tuesday, December 11, 2001) Copyright 2001
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