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This Is Hazelville

Verse 1: Beyond grand and lush, ready for the hush / a national treasure to captivate and confuse / astronomical, unbelievable / twisted vibes render many speechless / endless questions, amateur investigations / theories abound as to its cause and effects

Verse 2: It's in every place, modern and popular / to go deeper is to surrender beliefs / emotions will eradicate logic / and reduce many to being futuristic fools / what's natural and artificial will be debated on, controversy persists / if it's delicate and if it's precious / the philosophy of games will render many insane / magic is inside the lucky and chosen / to become bolder one must be colder / losers are replaced with colorful distractions / beginnings and endings are always intertwined

Chorus: This is hazelville / bizarre and creepy enough to rattle every bone / vile obsessions will devour hearts and brains / the end is near, have no fear, my dear

Written by B. (Thursday, March 15, 2018) Copyright 2018
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