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Originally Posted by jwb View Post
That's an assumption. There are obvious incentives for high SAT scores, for example. If you take the SAts and don't care how well you score, you're pretty much a subpar intelligence mouth breather that deserves to work at Taco Bell.

What makes you so sure that high IQ individuals can't be incentivized but the mouth breathers can? Your article doesn't establish that at all.
You're assuming everybody wants the same things and thinks exactly the same. Not everybody is going to be motivated by the same things. I'm sure there's people that the money has no effect on while maybe something else would.

The people that are already scoring high could be bribed in to scoring higher. I just think they are already motivated to score high in the first place. It makes more sense to me that the reason why an IQ test is good at finding out who's more likely to succeed is because the people more motivated to succeed would be more motivated to score high on an IQ test rather than it being an accurate measurement of intelligence which, beyond that one test, most psychologists actually reject for a variety of reasons.

Oh, and we could get into how drastically IQs can change over time too. Or how training can have a drastic impact on your IQ scores.
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