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Default Too Long

Waking up to the sound of screaming
Realising I’m alone and I must be dreaming
I must be dreaming
I must be dreaming

And this night is too long
Too much time to think about all the things that could go wrong
Too many truths I thought I buried
Arise and rip through my mind
Revealing all that I’m dreading

Lying in the dark as my mind races,
Dragging me down to the darkest places
Leaving me to wallow in my own prison
But I’ll bury this feeling once the sun has risen

This day is too long
And I’m too weak and uninspired
to fight for things I once desired
Stumbling from moment to moment,
hoping I won’t fall apart
And every moment I don’t is a personal triumph

There’s a war in my head that I’m not winning
And I’m bound to a life that I’m barely surviving
I don’t know how to ask for help,
But then what’s the point when my scars are hidden
I guess nothing’s there if only I see the demons
I must be dreaming
I must be dreaming
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