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I've always suspected that she's not very bright. Where is her publicist? With each rambling statement she just dug herself deeper into a hole. "advocacy for fragility"??? I'm assuming she's just upset over a handful of reviewers rightfully questioning (I mean, Lana is now in her 30s, so the whole "help me I'm a sexy baby" schtick is getting old and weird) some of her more cringey lyrics. She barely does any promo and isn't a very good live performer, yet she is still doing extremely well and received praise and accolades for her last album so what is the issue? (And why on earth would she drag FKA Twigs into this-- Lana, you merely leaned against a pole in a music video for the ~aesthetic, you are not a trained dancer like Twigs) And I wish she'd pick up a book and read some Andrea Dworkin or something. She seems to confuse actual feminism with like internet Buzzfeed pop-feminism.
So much this. "There needs to be space in music for women who look like me" ARE YOU KIDDING?!
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