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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
By your logic no one has to care about multiculturalism so why care about the Injuns and the blacks? I mean if it's okay for Japan to be racist why isn't okay for us?
Because Japan is the rightful domain of the Japanese. America is on occupied land. We don’t belong here and never did. America’s very existence is immoral. Americans do not have the right to America. The Japanese have a right to Japan. For us, just breathing the air is racist. “Owning” land in America is profoundly racist. But as the rightful residents of Japan (or China, Burma, or France and so on) they have a moral imperative to reject our RACIST views of multiculturalism. Of course, we want multiculturalism on land that isn’t ours! Stronger together and all that hoopla. That’s the logic of a carjacker. Hey, I’m stealing your car but together we’re going to learn from each other and be the greatest group of passengers on earth!

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