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Originally Posted by Oriphiel View Post
Hawk: I have the right to shoot people that get too close to me when I'm walking my dog. I have an opinion on how every other country should run their economy. And everyone who doesn't adhere to my beliefs should get guillotined.

*Someone brings up immigration*

Hawk: But I don't have the right to tell people what to do.
My position is that unleashed large dogs risk being shot if they charge at me only when I’m walking my small dog although I’d rather shoot the owner if possible.

Re: economies: capitalism by design will not remain contained. It’s existence anywhere is a global crisis.

I do want capitalism eradicated from earth even as an idea. It’s that bad.

Shut up, bitch, you do it to be edgy.
It’s genuinely what I believe is necessary.

"Hey, you, mental deficient, no gaijins allowed!"
That’s their prerogative as it should be.

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