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Originally Posted by Marie Monday View Post
lol I'd be willing to take on updating this (and Chula's member age-sex database too) although of course my MB knowledge doesn't go far back. Just leave a post in the threads if you want something updated
edit: added debaserr and myself, even though my name changes won't confuse anyone I guess
second edit: I inspected the member-sex-age database, which appears to be a very outdated mess at this point. I'm still willing to update though, upon request
Well done Marie! I think it's useful to keep this thread up to date.

As I've already pestered you about having a stickied Krautrock thread,* I'm not going to campaign on behalf of the member/sex/age database: it seems less essential to me, and people can update a lot of the info by just doing a simple addition sum in their heads.

And how about tore's monster Album Index!

Sometimes I look at it, wonder, worry, then decide that it's better for me to go and click on something safer...

* which, btw, I'm still hoping some other members might endorse, apart from me and Tristan.
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