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Originally Posted by grindy View Post
I'm rediscovering Billy Bang whom I haven't listened to in about ten years.
Too bad because he has some amazing albums.

Currently listening to:
Billy Bang Quintet Featuring Frank Lowe ‎– Above & Beyond: An Evening In Grand Rapids

It's far from smooth jazz but this should be very listenable even for people who aren't into avantgarde jazz.
Not to say that there aren't some delicous dissonant flourishes here and there keeping it interesting.
This album is also a farewell to the great sax player Frank Lowe who died from lung cancer not long after this concert.
He sounds great here and you'd never guess that this is the playing of a dying man with just one lung left.
Recommended for pretty much everybody here who likes jazz.

Miss you dude

Vietnam: Reflections by Billy Bang


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