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I know I'm very late to this discussion but Marie >>>> Scarlett Johansson. Sorry, I don't make the rules. (I've never understood why people lose their minds over ScarJo. I mean, aside from her voice, obviously. I am team Amy Adams forever)

also @Marie we have the same hair color now We should get matching powered exoskeletons & get to work on trapping everyone here in our atonement torture maze (with the assistance of WWWP too ofc)

I forgot why I was in here. Oh, I was trying to get a photo of myself holding my new kitty Howie but he kept headbutting my face (and now he has the zoomies) so it didn't work. Also how does one get those fancy photo filters such as the "homo" one? Do I need a particular app? I'm 107 years old.

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*Lana del Rey noises*

You should submit your forearms to the forearm thread if you haven't yet.

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Batlord, member when I made Chula's newborn granddaughter look like XXXTentacion?
formerly Chiomara
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