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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
I mean you talk all this **** about people who aren't responsible about the epidemic but you still support sports happening at all just cause you like to watch it?
Actually, no. TBH I would prefer there was no sport while this is going on. My idea - which I suggested to nobody, and who would I - was to have the teams compete on a networked/online FIFA-style thing, so they could still play out the games but separately, at home. I'm sure they could have worked some way to get revenue - ads in between or something, or sponsorship - and everyone would a) get their footy and b) still be safe. It wouldn't be perfect by any means but it would have been safer.

I fully support the thinking that if you're going to insist on playing sports in a pandemic then you have to be ****-hot on the regs and make sure EVERYONE, from the chairmen on down, follow the safety rules, otherwise can it until everyone can be less sure of dying for a ****ing game which is all it is in the end. We'll survive, but like, no, they may literally not.
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