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Originally Posted by Marie Monday View Post
I ****ing love it. 10/10 lyrics all around, love the heavy rock 'n' rolling music and cowbells, and I really love your vocals. You have a great riot grrrl voice. Distinctly riot grrrl music, but also distinctly your thing
thank you sooo much! this is gonna motivate me to keep going.

Originally Posted by Mindfulness View Post
My Boyfriend's Good But My Best Friends Better, this song rocks hardcore!
<3 thank

Originally Posted by ribbons View Post
I agree! And I love your sense of humor, Kim.
haha thanks! im actually a standup/comedy streamer so that's good to hear
Originally Posted by sleepyjack
Tell me, what's the weather like up your own ass?
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Masturbating too much is not a medical condition.
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